Saturday, May 21, 2011

Questions by Models

How do I join the EDSA Billboard Project?

Simply add ModelSearch Manila as a friend on FaceBook (

As soon as we've responded to your friend request, post your best shots on our wall.  This is where all of the partners of ModelSearch Manila will have their eyes on.

Please ensure that you have permission from your photographer that you will be entering the image to the EDSA Billboard Project.  We don't want the photographer chasing us in the future for fees for the use of the image in the event that the image is selected and mounted on an EDSA billboard.

Will there be a TF in case I am selected?

Posting your image on an EDSA billboard will be worth more than any currency denominated TF we can give you.  Your image on an EDSA billboard will earn you the stature only other models aspire for.

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